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Human Resources

HRD 001

White Horse Group employs more than 1000 employees in all branches spread all over Indonesia. Our employees have a passion and high spirits in their field of work. Our employees also come from various educational and cultural backgrounds. This diversity makes the White Horse Group is so dynamic and full of energy.

We realize that our employees have the potential. Therefore we opened the opportunity to conduct regular competency building activities. Starting from Defensive-Driving-Course for drivers, Basic Mechanical Skill Courses for the mechanics, and Service Excellence Courses for all our employees.

White Horse Group has always supported the involvement of every employee in the company's activities by organizing activities that encourage active participation by employees. This activity is conducted to enhance the spirit cooperation among employees, both relationships inside and outside the company. We believe that sense of togetherness in the work environment is able to produce a good performance. “Happy worker leads to happy working”. White Horse Group believes that by giving room to grow, it can encourage creativity and new ideas.

Our commitment is to create employees who are proud to work at the White Horse Group and was able to actualize themselves through positive achievements and productivity.

HRD 002